I have always been intrigued with how things worked—visually, mechanically, and socially—and how outcomes are often determined by small details, intricate subtleties, and the structure of systems. I bring this insight to my work analyzing problem statements, organizing research, and creating and evaluating designs.

In my classes, I have created logos from design sentences that add meaning and communicate core messages; branded businesses; created the product line, marketing design, and financials for a start-up business; designed business systems that include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and packaging; designed the covers and text blocks for books; created complex design systems with multiple hierarchies for playing cards; designed way-finding systems with pictograms; created info-graphics and concept maps; developed a series of event postcards; designed a poster for a concert season with scheduling; created brochures that reveal their story step by step as they unfold; illustrated videos; and coded websites in HTML 5 with CSS3.

I received a Bachelor’s in Graph Design with honors from California State University, at Sacramento where I was immersed in design principles, elements, techniques, and process; and, two Associate degrees from Sacramento City College: Graphic Communication, and Business Administration.

My design process starts with a design brief that defines the project goals, deliverables, and parameters. A design brief is a great tool for communication, and it can be used to evaluate a project’s success.

I value learning, teaching, working together to create something that helps people grow toward their goals; and I thrive on the possibilities inherent in the design process, research, and visual communication.